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Why roof safety guardrails matter in both residential and commercial applications

The website features roof safety guardrails for residential and commercial needs. This puts emphasis on ensuring safety in high places, especially for people who will be working up on the roof.

In Australia, roof guard rails are a passive protection method that is necessary to meet multiple safety requirements. It is important for construction sites to have fall protection, especially when workers will be working at a minimum height of 2 metres and over.

Why do you need roof guardrail?

Aside from safety compliance, it must be employed…

  • When there’s a risk of tripping due to protrusions and other elements on the roof.
  • To prevent access to high-risk areas such as places where electrical lines from.
  • To allow employees to work when there are wind and rain without jeopardising their safety.

Most importantly, a roof guardrail system is necessary when there is any doubt about the integrity of the roof structure.

What’s different about the featured roof guardrails on the homepage of is that they’re not only functional but visually pleasing as well.

If you scroll further down, you will see several equipment and systems. You may need just one or a combination of these things.

What Roof Railing Safety System is Right for You?

Universal system

This uses a patented clamping bracket to provide a versatile roof safety system. Because it allows a full range of movement, it can be attached to different structures.

The guardrail is adjustable from 0 to 30 degrees to accommodate different roof pitches. It can be easily attached to gable outriggers too.

Metal roof railing

Recommended for use over corrugated metal roof, this roofing safety solution can be installed without penetrating the roof or attached to a ribbed roof. Either way, you are afforded the same benefits—protecting workers and people as they access the roof.

Metal reroofing system

This is best used for metal roofing or new roof installation. The system goes over the soffits to keep the bracket and post from penetrating the roof.

Temporary construction guardrails

The purpose of this roof guardrail system is to prevent falls of people working at height. It is not only used during construction but also when doing roof repairs or infrequent roof maintenance.

With this construction railing system, you ensure the safety of workers and minimise possible litigation problems should an accident happen.

Tile roof restoration system

This is designed to be installed over existing tile roof. With this in place, tile installer can work on the roof with little to no tile breakage. Tiles will also easily slide down the roofing system for easy movement and installation. You can use the same roofing system when installing or replacing shingles.

These are just some of your options for roof guardrail systems.

To help you choose which setup you need, ask yourself; do you need a temporary or permanent guardrail?

Temporary doesn’t always mean only for the duration of the work done up on the roof. You must also take into consideration how often people access the roof.

When it comes to choosing roof safety guard rails, you must check if they’re compliant as well.

Railing systems are critical in preventing falls. But for a system to be effective, however, it must be fully customised. Check out for more information.