Tuesday, October 20

Want to Save Time on Your Morning To-Do List? Get an Eyeliner Tattoo!

Have you ever woken up late, realised that you’re going to be tardy for work and wished that your morning to-do list was a lot shorter? Good for you then that the beauty industry has heeded the call of many and has since introduced convenient, timesaving innovations like the eyeliner tattoo and microblading. Because of these, a lot of people are now heading off to work looking gorgeous without spending too much time in front of the mirror. If you want permanent eyeliner done, you can check out the eyeliner tattoo Melbourne artists are offering.

For the uninitiated though, you might be asking what exactly is permanent eyeliner and is it really permanent? Let us try and provide you with answers.

Basically, all kinds of permanent makeup are classified as a tattoo. This is because they involve the use of a tiny needle to implant colour into your skin. As for the question regarding its permanence, the answer is no, it is not. Although it will not wash away like ordinary makeup, the fact is it will start to fade away within a couple of years. If you are interested in getting permanent eyeliner put in, you can first ask friends about eyeliner tattoo Melbourne residents are getting.

Now, you might be curious why permanent eyeliner is not permanent like regular tattoos, the reason is this: the colour embedding process utilised in making permanent eyeliner does not in deep like a regular tattoo does. Only the top surface layers are coloured, which is also the same procedure that is used in making microbladed brows, which also fades away over time.

What’s the process of making an eyeliner tattoo like, you ask? Well, your artist will start by first cleaning your eye area with the use of an anti-bacterial solution before putting on some numbing cream to help reduce the discomfort. Afterwards, micro droplets of coloured pigments are embedded into your skin with the use of a unique tool. The process usually is done over several sessions so that the artist can carefully monitor the colour absorption.

What benefits can you get from getting an eyeliner tattoo?

A lot of women complain about the amount of time that it takes them to get their eyeliner done right only to have it smudged or melt away long before the day ends. Having an eyeliner tattoo done is a suitable solution for those concerns.

Women who still want to look decent even when they are engaged in sports or outdoor activities will appreciate an eyeliner tattoo. This means they will not have to worry about having to reapply it after an intense swimming, biking, boxing, hiking, tennis, or workout session. Basically, women will save a lot of time and money when they get an eyeliner tattoo as they enjoy the great benefit of going to wake up to make up in absolutely no time at all.

Another benefit to getting an eyeliner tattoo is not having to worry about “running” makeup, which is a tangible concern if you reside in a hot and humid environment. People that have sensitive skin or are allergic to makeup will also benefit from getting an eyeliner tattoo.

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