Tuesday, October 20

How often should you have your office cleaned?

Keeping your office space clean is vital to the health of your employees. It also helps boost your reputation. However, cleaning takes a lot of hard work, especially if you have a big office. This is the reason why most business owners hire a cleaning company to do most of the cleaning and tidying up for them. Now, you may be wondering how often should you have your office cleaned. Well, there is no right or wrong answer to that, as each office has its own set of requirements.


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Here are some factors you need to consider when setting up a schedule with commercial cleaning Melbourneprofessionals.

Employee desks

You should have a professional cleaning company disinfect and clean some of the most commonly used items in the office, such as the computer keyboard, calculators, mouse, and phones. The surface of the desk should also be cleaned and polished with a dust rag. The books and wall art should also be dusted, and the trashcans emptied.


Office restrooms are a breeding ground of germs, which is why they should be cleaned every day. Commercial cleaning Sydney professionals will clean and sanitise the sink counters, walls, floors, mirrors, and toilets, as well as restock paper towels and tissues. They will also make sure that the soap dispensers are never empty.


The lobby is the first thing your clients see when they visit your office, so you need to make sure to give them a good first impression. Have your lobby cleaned every few days, depending on the amount of traffic it gets. Most commercial cleaning companies will vacuum your lobby each night and dust any lights, artificial plants, or pictures found in the lobby.


Hardwood floors need to be mopped every day. Likewise, if the flooring in the break room is linoleum or tile, it should also be mopped every night. But if it’s the rainy season and rainwater is being tracked into the office, you will need to have the floors cleaned more often. Carpets, on the other hand, should be vacuumed every night and washed at least once a week—preferably on a Friday, so it has time to dry off during the weekend when there is nobody around.

Hardwood floors and carpets should get a thorough deep cleaning at least twice a year to remove any grime build-up. This will help keep them in shape longer.

Kitchens and break rooms

Aside from the restrooms, the kitchens and the break rooms are also hot spots for the spread of bacteria and germs. The microwave, countertops, door handles, and sinks—to name few—are the dirtiest in these rooms. A professional cleaning company will make sure that they are wiped and disinfected every day, along with the faucets, tables, and other appliances.

The most efficient and effective way you can keep your office space is to hire the best office cleaning services Melbourne has to offer. The Planet Earth Cleaning Company, for example, will not only keep your office squeaky clean. They are also committed to only using green cleaning products to avoid harming your health and the environment.