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Vital info for an efficient composting system in the workplace


Knowing some ideas about garbage segregation for your office is not enough. You need to know how to start composting, so you can properly and efficiently handle a big chunk of your biodegradable waste.

It won’t simply help you dispose of workplace garbage but could assure you of your trash being properly treated by the garbage service too. This could let them easily dump it to the composting process, so it could be used on brilliant ways later on, such as fertilizers and soil erosion control.

And there are only three big steps you should remember.

Important reminders for you to start composting in your office

Jot down these quick guide on how to start composting in your office so you can implement it right away.

Have proper garbage containers all over your place

Colour-coded office bins for garbage segregation is just the beginning when talking about composting. You need to make sure it could handle garbage as well.

For starters, it’s suggested to have compost bins with at least 15gal of holding capacity, and its best to choose pedal-operated lid for easy usage. Line it with quality compost bag, and tag appropriate and easily visible stickers on its top and two sides. Take a look at EcoBin

Always place recycling and disposing bin beside it, so people would tend to use them properly.

Next, remember that compostable wastes are generally heavier than regular garbage, but compost bags are less durable than common garbage bags. Because you don’t want a messy spill from broken compost bag, only fill the bin partially before disposing of.

Arrange a pick-up service

Call your local garbage pick-up service and inquire about composting. It could be as simple as having an additional service from the garbage collection serving you or coming up with a specific arrangement, like the amount of garbage and frequency of pick-up in a week.

However, it’s important to properly handle your compostable waste, like using proper containers as mentioned earlier. For example, if you will use compostable bin liners coles, it would be easier for garbage collectors to separate compostable waste from other garbage.

Moreover, mixing garbage together could push collectors to simply dump them in one site, especially those which are impossible to separate.

Inform all company employees about your composting system

Lastly, conduct an efficient information campaign for all employees in the company. This could encourage them to properly use your compost bins, instead of simply throwing compostable wastes to their desktop bin.

Of course, talk with your maintenance and janitorial staff about it, so they could monitor and handle your waste management system properly. If your office is situated in a rented space, inform its management accordingly; you can even encourage them to do the same.

These are the vital points to know on how to start composting in the workplace. However, it would be best for you to search more about the best containers you can use, so your composting system would efficiently go with your entire waste management system.

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