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Want to Save Time on Your Morning To-Do List? Get an Eyeliner Tattoo!

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Have you ever woken up late, realised that you’re going to be tardy for work and wished that your morning to-do list was a lot shorter? Good for you then that the beauty industry has heeded the call of many and has since introduced convenient, timesaving innovations like the eyeliner tattoo and microblading. Because of these, a lot of people are now heading off to work looking gorgeous without spending too much time in front of the mirror. If you want permanent eyeliner done, you can check out the eyeliner tattoo Melbourne artists are offering.

For the uninitiated though, you might be asking what exactly is permanent eyeliner and is it really permanent? Let us try and provide you with answers.

Basically, all kinds of permanent makeup are classified as a tattoo. This is because they involve the use of a tiny needle to implant colour into your skin. As for the question regarding its permanence, the answer is no, it is not. Although it will not wash away like ordinary makeup, the fact is it will start to fade away within a couple of years. If you are interested in getting permanent eyeliner put in, you can first ask friends about eyeliner tattoo Melbourne residents are getting.

Now, you might be curious why permanent eyeliner is not permanent like regular tattoos, the reason is this: the colour embedding process utilised in making permanent eyeliner does not in deep like a regular tattoo does. Only the top surface layers are coloured, which is also the same procedure that is used in making microbladed brows, which also fades away over time.

What’s the process of making an eyeliner tattoo like, you ask? Well, your artist will start by first cleaning your eye area with the use of an anti-bacterial solution before putting on some numbing cream to help reduce the discomfort. Afterwards, micro droplets of coloured pigments are embedded into your skin with the use of a unique tool. The process usually is done over several sessions so that the artist can carefully monitor the colour absorption.

What benefits can you get from getting an eyeliner tattoo?

A lot of women complain about the amount of time that it takes them to get their eyeliner done right only to have it smudged or melt away long before the day ends. Having an eyeliner tattoo done is a suitable solution for those concerns.

Women who still want to look decent even when they are engaged in sports or outdoor activities will appreciate an eyeliner tattoo. This means they will not have to worry about having to reapply it after an intense swimming, biking, boxing, hiking, tennis, or workout session. Basically, women will save a lot of time and money when they get an eyeliner tattoo as they enjoy the great benefit of going to wake up to make up in absolutely no time at all.

Another benefit to getting an eyeliner tattoo is not having to worry about “running” makeup, which is a tangible concern if you reside in a hot and humid environment. People that have sensitive skin or are allergic to makeup will also benefit from getting an eyeliner tattoo.

If you are now keen on getting permanent eyeliner, you can go check out eyeliner tattoo Melbourne artists are offering. You can visit

Why roof safety guardrails matter in both residential and commercial applications

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The website features roof safety guardrails for residential and commercial needs. This puts emphasis on ensuring safety in high places, especially for people who will be working up on the roof.

In Australia, roof guard rails are a passive protection method that is necessary to meet multiple safety requirements. It is important for construction sites to have fall protection, especially when workers will be working at a minimum height of 2 metres and over.

Why do you need roof guardrail?

Aside from safety compliance, it must be employed…

  • When there’s a risk of tripping due to protrusions and other elements on the roof.
  • To prevent access to high-risk areas such as places where electrical lines from.
  • To allow employees to work when there are wind and rain without jeopardising their safety.

Most importantly, a roof guardrail system is necessary when there is any doubt about the integrity of the roof structure.

What’s different about the featured roof guardrails on the homepage of is that they’re not only functional but visually pleasing as well.

If you scroll further down, you will see several equipment and systems. You may need just one or a combination of these things.

What Roof Railing Safety System is Right for You?

Universal system

This uses a patented clamping bracket to provide a versatile roof safety system. Because it allows a full range of movement, it can be attached to different structures.

The guardrail is adjustable from 0 to 30 degrees to accommodate different roof pitches. It can be easily attached to gable outriggers too.

Metal roof railing

Recommended for use over corrugated metal roof, this roofing safety solution can be installed without penetrating the roof or attached to a ribbed roof. Either way, you are afforded the same benefits—protecting workers and people as they access the roof.

Metal reroofing system

This is best used for metal roofing or new roof installation. The system goes over the soffits to keep the bracket and post from penetrating the roof.

Temporary construction guardrails

The purpose of this roof guardrail system is to prevent falls of people working at height. It is not only used during construction but also when doing roof repairs or infrequent roof maintenance.

With this construction railing system, you ensure the safety of workers and minimise possible litigation problems should an accident happen.

Tile roof restoration system

This is designed to be installed over existing tile roof. With this in place, tile installer can work on the roof with little to no tile breakage. Tiles will also easily slide down the roofing system for easy movement and installation. You can use the same roofing system when installing or replacing shingles.

These are just some of your options for roof guardrail systems.

To help you choose which setup you need, ask yourself; do you need a temporary or permanent guardrail?

Temporary doesn’t always mean only for the duration of the work done up on the roof. You must also take into consideration how often people access the roof.

When it comes to choosing roof safety guard rails, you must check if they’re compliant as well.

Railing systems are critical in preventing falls. But for a system to be effective, however, it must be fully customised. Check out for more information.

Why decorative panels are in demand today

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A popular trend in home design is circulating all over Australia these days. Having stylish walls, roof, and ceiling is something that Aussie homeowners are now looking for. That is why design and decor companies strive to please homeowners with their wide range of decorative panel designs to choose from. You can check design samples at to find inspiration for your next home improvement project.

Basic wainscoting is so old school. These days, more homeowners are into stylish designs that double as an accent wall. That’s what make decorative panels so special. It can add that extra dimension to a design feature in your home. You can use it on your walls, barbacks, and even on your kitchen islands.

The trend started with commercial projects, like restaurants, spas, hotels and reception areas. Now that it has found its way in the homes and heart of Aussie homeowners, expect that is will stay for a long time.

Customisable and versatile

What makes decorative panels extra special is that you can customise the designs based on your preferences or even your mood! This latest trend in home design and architecture aims to deliver you a product that has multiple uses. Companies like pride themselves in creating new panel designs that suit the look and feel of your interior.

Multiple uses

Decorative panels are available in various styles and use. Below are a few tips that you can pick up to add charm to your interiors.

  1. 1. Enhance existing wall art — If you aim to enhance the appeal of your wall art or feature, you should opt for panels that are created with modular folding. Standard flat panels are a thing of the past now. Give your wall a solid and tangible finish, folded edge box that you can install with ease. If you need assistance, an installation service is available. This panel box comes in aluminium or aluminium composite.
  1. Decorate existing door jambs, roof, or fence — Because of its versatility, a decorative panel’s use is not limited to your interiors. You can use it as a replacement for your ordinary trellis or a door to your garden. With fabricated steel and aluminium tubing frame, you can rest assured that your panels are durable and can last longer. You can even choose your own powder coat finish for the frames to match your decorative panels.
  1. Go for budget-friendly solutions — If you are looking for an affordable privacy screen or simply a decorative element, you can opt for flat panels. You can choose from various designs for your privacy screen or a feature wall. The materials used can be aluminium composite, corten steel, or just aluminium.

To sum it up

To give you an idea about the various designs available, you may visit Companies, like Decopanel, offer quality architectural panels that are easy on your pockets. With professional in-house designers at your service, you can add that natural charm to your interior and exterior spaces, thanks to the impressive features of their panels.

The Wedding Venue Team: They Walk The Talk!

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Lovebirds, have you already pictured out your dream wedding? Whether if it’s a vintage style or contemporary, both of you (along with your family, friends and guests) should absolutely enjoy every moment of it. But, to make the event more special, you can use a wedding venue hire that comes with a reliable team of interior designers, hosts, sound system operators, and an event manager working on board. Get ready to ring the bells, future newly weds!

The Wedding Ceremony

To exchange your vows, both of you need to have a sincere heart to keep the promise of love, commitment, and lifelong friendship. Intimate vows like that need intimate locations. A wedding venue hire is convenient and is one of the best places to unite the love. The wedding ceremony does not just involve the bride and groom, but also the family, friends, relatives, and the officator of the wedding (e.g priest, pastor, or mayor). This means that they are witnesses to the vows the bride and groom choose to commit. That is special, and the event needs careful planning without tampering the wishes of the couple and disappointing the guests. Check Lightspace for more details.

The Wedding Venue Team

For the wedding venue hire, you’re also entrusting the event to the hands of a professional event manager, sound system operator, event host, and talented interior designers. They’re the team that will make the event worth your while.

If you’re looking for Brisbane wedding venues, get to know each of the functions of the wedding venue team so you will know what will they be up to in making the event work:

  1. Event Manager – This is the leader of the wedding venue team. They will schedule the programme, arrange for the catering services, get the drinks right and ready, coordinate with the sound system operator and the event host for the program, and sometimes welcome the guests. They handle the entire team from start to finish.
  1. Sound System Operator – This person handles the speakers, microphones, and venue music playlist. If the client wishes to play their own music, they can coordinate with the sound system operator to play the tunes in a reasonable volume and beat.
  1. Event Host – This is the speaker of wedding after-party to facilitate the games, share well wishes, and coordinate the bouquet throwing. They are responsible in keeping the atmosphere as lovely and lively as possible to make the event very memorable for both the guests and the newly weds.
  1. Interior Designers – These people are the overall designers of the wedding; they’re not just found inside regular studios Brisbane has to offer. They coordinate with what the client envisions for their wedding and help them bring it to life with their amazing talents. You can suggest to them what designs will they be making, and they’ will do their very best.

Make It Work

Make it also special! You can book for complete wedding packages Brisbane has available for you. Visit this link for more info:

Why you should still use traditional media and printing services

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While we are in the digital age, where almost everything is found on the web and huge volumes of documents are already in digital form, traditional printing still has its place among businesses and other organizations. In fact, print media, like what offers, is still a powerful tool in marketing. That is why you should not disregard it whether you are running a small enterprise or a large corporation.

Here are some of the reasons why you should still use traditional printing:

It is more likely to be read than emails.

Informative prints, such as those that you can make with, are an excellent tool of spreading word about your brand and updates about what you are offering.

Of course, you can do this by sending bulk emails, but there is still the possibility that your recipients will not be able to read them. Their inboxes might already be full of emails from businesses that are similar as you. Your messages might be buried by hundreds of others and might just end up in the bin without being read.

It allows you to reach more customers, who are offline.

Not all of your target market is always online. Some of them might not have the luxury of a stable internet connection. For these individuals, the best way to reach them is handing out printed media, such as business cards, leaflets, and brochures.

It still incites more interest in your audience.

According to some journalists, printed media still stirs up more interest in their audiences than digital media. For example, they stated that it has become more difficult to get some people to agree to an interview for an online story. However, when the journalists mentioned that it was for an article in a magazine, these people became more interested. This means that the word “printed” is still perceived by many people as more credible.

Just speak with the people who are already in the business of printing for a long time, like those at They would agree that many people are interested in their articles being printed in magazines than online.

It allows you to help people get a digital detox.

Marketing aside, traditional prints allow you to help people keep themselves from the internet and their gadgets for a time being. Printed media, such as those you can make with, still allows them to relax and read while they are unplugged and disconnected.

This makes an impression that you care for your customers, which is good for your brand.

Use the services of DFW Printing

When you choose not to use traditional media, you are missing out on potential customers. While it is wise to go digital, a significant portion of your audience may still prefer prints that they can carry wherever they go. Generally speaking, prints (such as business cards, flyers, and brochures) still play an important role in your overall marketing strategy. The key here is the proper integration of both the old and new methods.

However, to ensure that your prints are attractive enough to get the attention of your audience, you should work with a company that specialises in both digital and traditional prints.

On that note, you should look no further than DFW Printing Company. Operating since 1969, they are trusted by many businesses and organizations in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas when it comes to printing. From digital prints to menus, they can deliver everything with the quality that you expect.

Pallet Shelving as a Storage Solution for Your Warehouse Space Problems

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As businesses and physical shops of digital markets are flourishing in Sydney, so is the need for external storage. As a response, many storage companies are also mushrooming in the area. There are many services they offer, such as a pallet shelving Sydney storage companies can offer. Several of these services offer cheap pallet shelving Sydney companies need, however only a few provide the most valuable perks of pallet shelving. Check to learn more.

Finding a pallet shelving provider. Finding a viable storage solution like a Sydney pallet shelving is indeed a joy because of its rarity. That doesn’t also say that others are not worthy of the payment; it’s just rare for a company to nail the storage solution services for diverse types of storage needs of clients. For those who found a cheap but effective pallet shelving in Sydney, they have been enjoying the perks from maximised profits to cut cost in inventory. Meanwhile, for those who didn’t or just settled for less, they only felt the benefits in a short span of time and over the long run, found that their money and their patience emptied out eventually.

Why choose pallet shelving as a storage solution?

Size doesn’t matter at all. If you’re worried about consuming a lot of space in your warehouse with pallet shelving, then you should stop immediately because some pallet shelving services can maximise a warehouse’s area, even the most useless ones like the vertical spaces. For spacious warehouses, be assured that every inch can be utilised with some supplier’s long-span style pallet shelving.

Solidness on its centre. Obviously, the storage business wouldn’t be the place it is today without fusing toughness in its materials and assembling forms. Don’t let a long-span racking or a pallet racking fool you with their sleek frame. Most of these designs are engineered for heavy-duty loads. Meanwhile, if ever you choose to buy a used pallet shelving, you can guarantee that it’s strong in light of the fact that it’s been used before; all the more particularly, the racking breezed through the trial of time and load. In addition, what’s better is that most pallet racking storage systems these days are intended to endure the weight and stature of a load. These types of racking systems are durable to the point that they can even withstand tearing and rust.

It’s not tedious. Pallet shelving is forklift-accommodating. With a useful component like that, who can sit still and waste time purchasing different sorts of shelving systems? Additionally, through this direction, you are likewise sparing labour expenses and important time spent instead on significant tasks other than storing stocks.

You can modify it. In conclusion, utilized pallet racking is luckily customisable. Indeed, even a few companies can provide an area for the clients to customise so that it will fit their storage needs or in case a contingency arises like a natural calamity. It might be problems with security work, timber racks, upgrading to Dexio-suitable models, and aiming for a more effortless movable pallet shelving—rest assured, some companies even suggest how to modify their pallet shelving arrangement.

The best pallet shelving Sydney storage companies can offer is the one that provides the tailored service for your business’s storage needs. If you are in dire need of a storage solution for your growing company, you must try visiting the likes of for pallet racking that comply with the AS-4084-2012 standards.

How often should you have your office cleaned?

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Keeping your office space clean is vital to the health of your employees. It also helps boost your reputation. However, cleaning takes a lot of hard work, especially if you have a big office. This is the reason why most business owners hire a cleaning company to do most of the cleaning and tidying up for them. Now, you may be wondering how often should you have your office cleaned. Well, there is no right or wrong answer to that, as each office has its own set of requirements.

cleaning company

Here are some factors you need to consider when setting up a schedule with commercial cleaning Melbourneprofessionals.

Employee desks

You should have a professional cleaning company disinfect and clean some of the most commonly used items in the office, such as the computer keyboard, calculators, mouse, and phones. The surface of the desk should also be cleaned and polished with a dust rag. The books and wall art should also be dusted, and the trashcans emptied.


Office restrooms are a breeding ground of germs, which is why they should be cleaned every day. Commercial cleaning Sydney professionals will clean and sanitise the sink counters, walls, floors, mirrors, and toilets, as well as restock paper towels and tissues. They will also make sure that the soap dispensers are never empty.


The lobby is the first thing your clients see when they visit your office, so you need to make sure to give them a good first impression. Have your lobby cleaned every few days, depending on the amount of traffic it gets. Most commercial cleaning companies will vacuum your lobby each night and dust any lights, artificial plants, or pictures found in the lobby.


Hardwood floors need to be mopped every day. Likewise, if the flooring in the break room is linoleum or tile, it should also be mopped every night. But if it’s the rainy season and rainwater is being tracked into the office, you will need to have the floors cleaned more often. Carpets, on the other hand, should be vacuumed every night and washed at least once a week—preferably on a Friday, so it has time to dry off during the weekend when there is nobody around.

Hardwood floors and carpets should get a thorough deep cleaning at least twice a year to remove any grime build-up. This will help keep them in shape longer.

Kitchens and break rooms

Aside from the restrooms, the kitchens and the break rooms are also hot spots for the spread of bacteria and germs. The microwave, countertops, door handles, and sinks—to name few—are the dirtiest in these rooms. A professional cleaning company will make sure that they are wiped and disinfected every day, along with the faucets, tables, and other appliances.

The most efficient and effective way you can keep your office space is to hire the best office cleaning services Melbourne has to offer. The Planet Earth Cleaning Company, for example, will not only keep your office squeaky clean. They are also committed to only using green cleaning products to avoid harming your health and the environment.