Tuesday, October 20

4 ways to prolong the lifespan of your fleet vehicles

Managing fleet vehicles is trickier than maintaining your average car. You have to ensure that all units are running smoothly to ensure that your company gets the most ROI for every individual vehicle. To be able to do this, you should have a trusted vehicle repair company, such as https://www.superioralignments.com.au/. They have mechanics who specialize in the repair and maintenance of heavy vehicles, including buses, trailers, and trucks.

Good fleet maintenance can save your company thousands of dollars

Your company can be spending thousands of dollars on repairs if you do not monitor and keep track of every vehicle. Missing out a single scheduled maintenance check can lead to downtime, expensive repairs, and even the need to buy a new unit.

Well-maintained fleet vehicles can serve your business longer. Also, they have higher resale value when you need to dispose of them.

So, how do you extend the life of your fleet vehicles?

  1.   Keep a record of their maintenance schedules

Keeping a record of the vehicles’ maintenance schedules can make your life easier in managing several vehicles. Your record must not only include the maintenance schedule of each vehicle, but also their service history, compliance record, and previous repair costs.

The most common way of keeping track of a vehicle’s record is using a spreadsheet. There are also fleet management software solutions that are more efficient than using a spreadsheet.

  1.   Good driver behavior

The operators are the first ones to notice any problems with your vehicles. They are the ones to report if there are any problems with the tyres, brakes, windshield, and other components.  Inform them about the importance of reporting any problems with your vehicles to you immediately.

Good drivers also keep your vehicles clean inside and out. Tidying the vehicles regularly prevent any dirt build-up that can eventually cause damage to your vehicles.

Good and responsible drivers are safe drivers. They are careful with operating huge vehicles to avoid accidents. Hiring good and responsible drivers also keep your vehicles and other employees safe.

  1.   Look for a reliable vehicle service company

Bringing your vehicles to a reliable service company, such as https://www.superioralignments.com.au/, will assure you that your fleet vehicles are in good hands. Reliable car servicing companies have expert mechanics who can address the problems of your vehicles.

Also, once you found a good vehicle service company, stick to it. It is good to stick to one company so that the mechanics already know the history of each of your vehicles.

  1.       Manage the workload of your fleet of vehicles

The workload of your vehicles should be divided evenly. Avoid overusing a few vehicles, while the rest of the vehicles are underused. The workload can be divided according to mileage, and this can be easily tracked through keeping a record.

Overused vehicles are prone to mechanical problems and need more repairs and preventative maintenance than underused vehicles.

Giving the majority of the workload to only select vehicles can also shorten their lifespan. Acquiring new vehicles is expensive for fleet vehicle owners, which is something you should try to avoid for your bottom line.

If you need assistance in managing and maintaining your fleet of vehicles, please visit  https://www.superioralignments.com.au/.